Posted on Mar 30, 2019

Susan Swan James

FAQ ~ Frequently Asked Question #2:
You are referred to as a Power Presence Mentor. What does it mean to have presence and why does it matter?

Of course, you may guess that it’s important to have a good presence to stand out in a crowded market, to have clarity and confidence. And you are right - all those factors are very important for success.

It does go deeper than that, however, in three (3) distinct ways.

First, it’s important to be present when engaging with others in business. This is true as a speaker, a business owner, an employer and as an employee.

Staying grounded, on point and on brand with clarity is critical. There are lots of techniques one can use to ensure you do this skillfully.

Secondly, Presence has to do with your inner game, inner strength - who you are and what you bring to the table, in terms of skills and strengths. This is a key asset and can be developed, honed with personal development and training.

And lastly, Presence has a spiritual quality that is not based on any on belief system but is the part of you that provides inner guidance to make the best choices possible. Tuning into that calm, grounded part of you is a developed skill.

Of course we assist to assess your speaking skills, help develop your voice in your presentation, body movement, gestures, image, voice modulation and more.

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