Posted on Mar 10, 2019

Susan Swan James

Your 11th Hour Presentation Emergency Prep Kit™ Workshop

Mar 21, 2019 – Mar 21, 2019
Your 11th Hour Presentation Emergency Prep Kit™ Workshop
-- For business leaders who feel awkward speaking on-camera, on-stage and, let’s face it, in-person and who wish to leverage their presence to make the sales part easier.

YOUR TRAINER: Susan Swan James, On-air host, author of “The 5 P’s of Presence™”, speaker and filmmaker

Are you tired of knowing you can contribute so much more? Join Susan Swan James and discover how to exponentially grow your business without being fluffy or salesy and leverage your expert status with no marketing budget.

In this action-packed training session you'll learn:

• Simple, no-cost things you can do to instantly develop rapport with your audience, which will result in doubling (or more) your sales on the spot
• 3 secrets to delivering a strategic, yet truly authentic, presentation, versus a bundle of fluff. Yes, they can tell the difference!
• The secret to being agile and assured when the spotlight is on you... even during awkward moments!
• And most important, how to abundantly share the wealth of your expertise and receive richly in return!

It's a disservice to let interested current and prospective clients walk away without benefiting from your expertise or products. They came to hear about your offer and the opportunity to improve their life or secure a benefit for their business. You’re here to provide what they need!

Workshop Training fee: $60
Delivered by Zoom
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